Metaphor #11: A Perfect Circle

I've been stuck on painting the last week or so, nothing to inspire words, just pictures. But today... I had a chat with someone and some inspiration hit me. Have you figured out now that most of this shit is just stories? Anyways... I went to the library and got a new book, the kind … Continue reading Metaphor #11: A Perfect Circle


Metaphor #10: Lust and Night Terrors

It was dark, yet I could still make out the path among the tall grasses. We held hands tightly; waves of desire emanating, waves of lust, waves of love, waves of comfort and security. One of those moments with a familiar face in a distant dark dream, dark but with such clarity. I could see … Continue reading Metaphor #10: Lust and Night Terrors

Have you a Thought?

Have you ever noticed something subtle yet telling and chose not to notice; choosing¬†to push it away from thought, hoping by not thinking, it would make the something somehow less real? Have you ever had a wish, and chose to watch it play out in your mind, watching as the key character, hoping that by … Continue reading Have you a Thought?

Metaphor #8: Know no Desire

A blind dream samurai is able has such keen hearing, much like Milton Erickson had such keen eyes, that he could hear the waves of the universe, hear the waves of individual change; he could not only hear these things, but also the way that the universe connects to itself, much like a spider web. … Continue reading Metaphor #8: Know no Desire

Metaphor #7: Wizard in a Purple Glass

My very favorite story is by Stephen King, the only fiction writer I read regularly. I love his stories and style and worlds so much, I cannot bring myself to move on to someone else -- his mind is too perfect. So he started this series of stories in the late 70's and the set … Continue reading Metaphor #7: Wizard in a Purple Glass

Metaphor #6: A Dream Letter to Axe and Stone

I had a dream once in which I experienced death for an extended period of time. It was quite a strange dream, the kind that you will always remember, much like the dream I told of the house and such... So in this dream I was in a terrain of purple. I remember focusing on … Continue reading Metaphor #6: A Dream Letter to Axe and Stone

The Unnecessary Indulgence of Trans-Humanism

Trans-humanism fundamentally underestimates Human Machine capabilities by focusing human enhancement solely¬†on implants and wearables, while the impact of the human mind on the body machine and environment left completely in the dark. Since early childhood, walls of limitation are constructed by parents and family, educational systems, and society as a whole. We are told of … Continue reading The Unnecessary Indulgence of Trans-Humanism