Metaphor #8: Know no Desire

A blind dream samurai is able has such keen hearing, much like Milton Erickson had such keen eyes, that he could hear the waves of the universe, hear the waves of individual change; he could not only hear these things, but also the way that the universe connects to itself, much like a spider web. … Continue reading Metaphor #8: Know no Desire


Metaphor #7: Wizard in a Purple Glass

My very favorite story is by Stephen King, the only fiction writer I read regularly. I love his stories and style and worlds so much, I cannot bring myself to move on to someone else -- his mind is too perfect. So he started this series of stories in the late 70's and the set … Continue reading Metaphor #7: Wizard in a Purple Glass

VIDEO: Sherrie on Subjectivity and Mind Sciences

Video of creator, SMS Research Group on Subjective Sciences.

Metaphor #5: Outliers and Reality Stacking

The announcement came over the loudspeaker while dreaming: Outliers! Are you awake? [And you may watch if you like, or only listen] Do you recognize this place, the rigid walls and faulty doors, doors leading to doors? [You are aware of your space this time] Room after room, scene after scene, face after face. [With … Continue reading Metaphor #5: Outliers and Reality Stacking

Ministry of Love on Power

[O'Brian] How does one man assert his power over another, Winston? [Winston] By making him suffer. [O'Brian] Exactly. By making him suffer. Obedience is not enough. Unless he is suffering, how can you be sure that he is obeying your will and not his own? Power is in inflicting pain and humiliation. Power is tearing … Continue reading Ministry of Love on Power

The Controller – Perfection in Society

[The Savage] What about self-denial, then? If you had a God, you'd have a reason for self-denial. [Mustapha Mond] But industrial civilization is only possible when there's no self-denial. Self-indulgence up to the very limits imposed by hygiene and economics. Otherwise the wheels stop turning. [The Savage] You'd have a reason for chastity! [Mustapha Mond] … Continue reading The Controller – Perfection in Society

An Open Letter to the Human Mind

"In cybernetics there's a law called the Law of Requisite Variety. It says that in any system of human beings ... the widest range of variability (choice) will be the controlling element." ~Richard Bandler and John Grinder If a person is constrained such that they have only one choice for behavior, one reaction to stimuli, … Continue reading An Open Letter to the Human Mind