Th4 Dark Tower Falls

Such darkness around me as I climbed those endless stairs, case after case and story after story as I journeyed to that place I did not know. It's like I never even reached my destination as it materialized around me, no doorway as the room just manifested around me. One moment I was climbing to … Continue reading Th4 Dark Tower Falls


Metaphor #13: Lucid Dreaming

Why stop at idea's? Make it a whole new life in a universe created by your very will. People can live out an infinite number of lives in their dreams; people can fly and make friends in a dream; people can meet people they will never meet any where else in the waking world, people … Continue reading Metaphor #13: Lucid Dreaming

Metaphor #12: Psychic Unicorns

So, I'm driving today in the wonderful sun, thinking about the structure of infinite systems and the immensity of connections between everything, the amount of information actually flowing through low frequency (ELF) waves. I was reminded of this amazing Cambridge professor and philosopher, CD Broad, and he has this magnificent quote: "The suggestion is that … Continue reading Metaphor #12: Psychic Unicorns