Metaphor #13: Lucid Dreaming

Why stop at idea's? Make it a whole new life in a universe created by your very will. People can live out an infinite number of lives in their dreams; people can fly and make friends in a dream; people can meet people they will never meet any where else in the waking world, people … Continue reading Metaphor #13: Lucid Dreaming


Metaphor #12: Psychic Unicorns

So, I'm driving today in the wonderful sun, thinking about the structure of infinite systems and the immensity of connections between everything, the amount of information actually flowing through low frequency (ELF) waves. I was reminded of this amazing Cambridge professor and philosopher, CD Broad, and he has this magnificent quote: "The suggestion is that … Continue reading Metaphor #12: Psychic Unicorns

Metaphor #10: Lust and Night Terrors

It was dark, yet I could still make out the path among the tall grasses. We held hands tightly; waves of desire emanating, waves of lust, waves of love, waves of comfort and security. One of those moments with a familiar face in a distant dark dream, dark but with such clarity. I could see … Continue reading Metaphor #10: Lust and Night Terrors

Metaphor #6: A Dream Letter to Axe and Stone

I had a dream once in which I experienced death for an extended period of time. It was quite a strange dream, the kind that you will always remember, much like the dream I told of the house and such... So in this dream I was in a terrain of purple. I remember focusing on … Continue reading Metaphor #6: A Dream Letter to Axe and Stone

Metaphor #5: Outliers and Reality Stacking

The announcement came over the loudspeaker while dreaming: Outliers! Are you awake? [And you may watch if you like, or only listen] Do you recognize this place, the rigid walls and faulty doors, doors leading to doors? [You are aware of your space this time] Room after room, scene after scene, face after face. [With … Continue reading Metaphor #5: Outliers and Reality Stacking

Metaphor #2: What if…?

What if you possessed the ability to derive from the world the exact steps you could take to achieve any desired response from your environment? What if you knew which program you must run to get the result you wanted? What if you knew exactly which harmonies to play to create the music you hear … Continue reading Metaphor #2: What if…?

Metaphor #1: Perception of Heaven and Hell

Heaven and hell are not places we are transported after death, but rather experience possibilities existing within range of oscillating light. When vibrations are low, wavelengths broaden and experience is more stable and closer to the stillness of the vast infinity outside of light and time; conscious-mind hyperfocused on a centered range of perception, valuable … Continue reading Metaphor #1: Perception of Heaven and Hell