Th4 Dark Tower Falls

Such darkness around me as I climbed those endless stairs, case after case and story after story as I journeyed to that place I did not know. It's like I never even reached my destination as it materialized around me, no doorway as the room just manifested around me. One moment I was climbing to … Continue reading Th4 Dark Tower Falls


Metaphor #13: Lucid Dreaming

Why stop at idea's? Make it a whole new life in a universe created by your very will. People can live out an infinite number of lives in their dreams; people can fly and make friends in a dream; people can meet people they will never meet any where else in the waking world, people … Continue reading Metaphor #13: Lucid Dreaming

Metaphor #10: Lust and Night Terrors

It was dark, yet I could still make out the path among the tall grasses. We held hands tightly; waves of desire emanating, waves of lust, waves of love, waves of comfort and security. One of those moments with a familiar face in a distant dark dream, dark but with such clarity. I could see … Continue reading Metaphor #10: Lust and Night Terrors

Metaphor #9: No Know Desire

The very last thing I said to her that night we talked on the phone, the very first night back from Brazil. Part of what makes my life JUST SO unusual is my rapid change in myself, it's just so fast. It's like spinning around in the universe with all these other experiencers out there, … Continue reading Metaphor #9: No Know Desire

Simple Induction

I stepped down the stair you gave me as I first began, two speak, and I know your unconscious now is close enough to hear me speak to, two speak, two you, you too stepped down the stair, a cautious step within a step, a dreaming dream, as you watched how my face and realize as you face up to, two up, then … Continue reading Simple Induction

Have you a Thought?

Have you ever noticed something subtle yet telling and chose not to notice; choosing to push it away from thought, hoping by not thinking, it would make the something somehow less real? Have you ever had a wish, and chose to watch it play out in your mind, watching as the key character, hoping that by … Continue reading Have you a Thought?

Metaphor #8: Know no Desire

A blind dream samurai is able has such keen hearing, much like Milton Erickson had such keen eyes, that he could hear the waves of the universe, hear the waves of individual change; he could not only hear these things, but also the way that the universe connects to itself, much like a spider web. … Continue reading Metaphor #8: Know no Desire