Metaphor #13: Lucid Dreaming


Why stop at idea’s? Make it a whole new life in a universe created by your very will. People can live out an infinite number of lives in their dreams; people can fly and make friends in a dream; people can meet people they will never meet any where else in the waking world, people with similar interests, people of yourself. It’s kind of funny really, in a dream you meet all of these people, some you love deeply, some you fear, but they are all really just manifestations of your creative thoughts, an amalgamation of memories, fantasies, anxieties, and other knowings contained within you. But when your dreaming, most of the time people don’t question the identity of dream characters, they to them selves, did I create this? Is this wonderful world around me, where I could just turn around and fly if I wanted to, did I create this? But, there are times when people realize they are really in control of the dream. Maybe they tried to turn on and off a light in their dream, or maybe they tried to read a book, maybe they realized all the faces were blurry, or they could breathe under water; something happens to remind them that they are the story teller. Just turn around and fly.