Wave Biology and Harmonic Communication of Life


This guy is freaking amazing!

He basically proved that all living things, right down to a single strand of DNA, communicates with the universe electronically using ELF (extremely low frequency) waves. This means that a point of experience, a living thing, merely has to be in proximity to “something” to interact and collapse the wave function, sequencing time, changing the world around them.

This relates to why when we “observe” at the quantum level, the mere act of observing changes the result — collapses the wave function.

Observation from a point of experience is a type of interaction because at the micro level, there IS communication between the point of experience (you/me/whatever) and everything in the surrounding area — like a pebble thrown into a pond, waves flow outward, 3-dimensionally from the center (source) of perception.

Now, this means a few important things (in my mind… probably more in the minds of smarter people):
1) The human mind IS in fact the most powerful (KNOWN) quantum computer, despite the beliefs of some quantum theorists that the human mind has no quantum interaction — OF COURSE it does… idiots.

2) Any transmitter [whether it be DNA, a single cell, an organ, any number of “things” that become ONE via ENTANGLEMENT theory], can be disrupted, changed, or destroyed through the transmission of altering or opposing currents/frequencies/harmonies of ELF waves — acoustic noise cancellation.
— what does this really mean? The right opposing harmonic force can eliminate a transmission source. If a virus is transmitting a particular signal, using acoustic noise cancellation, an opposing frequency can be sent, canceling the viral signal and destroying the virus.

3) The perceiver and anything that exists in the electro-magnetic realm, a point of experience, impacts the world around them. — this is why I say EVERYTHING is alive in it’s own way, because everything emits ELF to some extent, and everything interacts with everything… everything is causing change to some degree.

4) I can change the world!