Simple Induction


I stepped down the stair you gave me as I first began, two speak, and I know your unconscious now is close enough to hear me speak to, two speak, two you, you too stepped down the stair, a cautious step within a step, a dreaming dream, as you watched how my face and realize as you face up to, two up, then down again.

Down into these things you know, you ought not to, let go a little further as we drift to, two drift, to that place where you go, go you, as you drift. Drifting down, down drift through the waves of space, and time and time again to that place you go when you do not know what you will learn, yet you will know, now, as your mind wanders about the wonderful things in life, in life your wonderful dreams as a child.

All people was a child once, staring at the shore as a pebble hits a pond. Such a little thing down there, there down a little further into what you will learn. Learn will. Learn curiosity. Learn fading hesitation and growing motivation, a child’s motivation, two do, due to comfort and simply enjoying, with every wave, every little thing stretching beyond and for. Before you remembered this wonderful memory, one with a giggle attached to great learnings.