Metaphor #8: Know no Desire


A blind dream samurai is able has such keen hearing, much like Milton Erickson had such keen eyes, that he could hear the waves of the universe, hear the waves of individual change; he could not only hear these things, but also the way that the universe connects to itself, much like a spider web. There was one afternoon, the one where you were grumpy, when I asked if you had seen the nest of spiders we found.

The intricacy of the webs were quite breathtaking, they had obviously been that way for some time, catching what spiders catch, a fly here, a fly there, like a native American dream catcher, catching a thought here and a thought there, letting the good dreams through and keeping the bad ones at bay. The thing about spider webs is when you step back and look at the completed collection, you are unable to really see the beginning and the end, only the inside and the outside, which may not have begun or ended in any way. The way the strands connect together, the layers connect together may have been noticed, but not really to their full extent.

It’s like the misdirection of magic. A good magician never reveals their full capabilities nor the secrets of their tricks. They leave bread crumbs going here and going there hoping some child like mind, and we all have child like minds when it comes to magic, will follow the crumbs into the unknown forest.

I once lived outside of the unknown forest, I’ve told you that if you were listening that night in the restaurant, the night you presented me with a curious challenge, a question that wasn’t REALLY the question you wanted me to ask or the action you REALLY wanted me to perform. But I do have to bring a few things to your attention, a few bread crumbs. The challenge you presented me, taken on face value, was a LOSE – LOSE.

You see, you presented me with a powerful presupposition. You asked me to SHOW you something that WASN’T there and do this feet against your WILL. Now, “will” I think can be debated. There was one day when I casually mentioned the “fact” that you did not want me to hypnotize you and you gave me this side-eyed look that said otherwise, beyond a challenge, it was more of a desire, a hidden desire, a curiosity that I could, May be I just could show you a little something.

Well, giving people a life changing experience is really what I do, it’s what I am. I am the experience, the point of experience, like a whirl-wind, that changes things before people know they have been changed. I just do it in a very unexpected way. Now, how much you’re going to notice and how soon is directly related to how much you have been PAYing attention to the experience I have been building for you.

You see, when you want to change people, you cannot do it directly, you cannot MAKE them see a six-foot pink poodle in the room, especially when they have no DESIRE to see, or the claim to have kNOw DESIRE. One thing a Wizard has taught me, one of many — right, is to meet a person in their reality first.

I wonder sir, and you may know, or you may have forgotten, depends on how useful the knowing is for you… But, have you considered whether you saw me before the night you challenged me, or did you challenge me because you saw me — like a young boy pushing down the young girl he has his eye on, on the play ground. — lol. These things are so funny in a way because like the web I spin, sometimes it’s really hard to kNOw where desire begins and curiosity ends, and if it ever does. Sooo…. there is one bread crumb for you.

Now may I propose an alternate to the challenge you presented me with that night. Since I cannot work with a challenge that pre-supposes my failure, which makes my failure a reality ONLY if I try. Now, what if I were to propose (lol, I can’t help but thing of David Bowie here and his 50 shades of purple… or was it grey) a slightly different chaLLEnge.

What if I showed you YOU CAN see something that was there the whole time, something you had not YET taken notice to. If you recall our conversation that one afternoon in the sun, I talked about the electro-magnetic spectrum in all it’s immensity, in all it’s greatness.

The level of your understanding of my story web will depend on if you have read my words and slightly on whether you have watched the videos I’ve sent. The words are much more important, the video’s merely provide INTENSITY. So, the human interface system, the human experience, is only able to interact with 0.005% of the electro-magnetic spectrum, and 0.005% of this sliver is light, where we can actually perceive.

So you can imagine all that exists along side of us that we don’t take notice to and we are unable to perceive.

From read to purple, you might see, or is it feel.