Metaphor #6: A Dream Letter to Axe and Stone

I had a dream once in which I experienced death for an extended period of time. It was quite a strange dream, the kind that you will always remember, much like the dream I told of the house and such…

So in this dream I was in a terrain of purple. I remember focusing on the ground, watching the purple sand change from flat to small hills, and in the valley of each small hill was a pool of water. After walking and being mesmerized by the wonderful color of the land, the strange monstrous fish like creatures living in the valley ponds, I came upon a tombstone with a rather lengthy story written on it.

Now, one of many ways to tell you are dreaming while in a dream is to try and read — read a book, read a newspaper, etc. Beyond being able to see singular words, most minds cannot string together sensical sentences in a dream, the paragraphs are just jumbles of words. Perhaps you may KNOW what the meaning is, but if you try to literally read, you cannot.

So I’m standing there trying to read this story on the tombstone, slowly realizing that I was dreaming, beginning to feel myself in bed at while at the same time feeling the purple sand between my toes — a perfect state of duality, lucidity. It is this feeling of being two or more at once is one of the things I love about lucid dreaming, also having the KNOWING that you know have complete control in the world you just created. You can then turn around and begin to fly if you wanted to, you can do anything.

But as I continued to try and make sense of the story on the tombstone, I could see a creature approaching me — I watched from a 3rd person perspective, a disassociated perspective, like I was above myself, watching this thing approach with his massive viking ax ever so fluidly, as if his sole purpose in life was to do what he was about to do.

As my perspective returned to my dream character, trying so hard to read that story, I felt the most intense pain as he plowed that ax right into my back. It was a horrible pain, then a flash of light, then the greatest release, as if my consciousness disbursed in a flash across everything that ever was, everything that ever is, and everything that ever will be. I existed in that place for quite some time, all my questions answered, all within me, me within all. It was so still, so wonderful; it was everything and nothing all at once — no heaven, no hell, it just IS.

The funny thing is, at this point, you could almost imagine that there really is no one sitting on the otherside of the screen reading my ramblings.

I could just stop and say to yourself, how strange and how interesting this all really is.