The Unnecessary Indulgence of Trans-Humanism


Trans-humanism fundamentally underestimates Human Machine capabilities by focusing human enhancement solely on implants and wearables, while the impact of the human mind on the body machine and environment left completely in the dark. Since early childhood, walls of limitation are constructed by parents and family, educational systems, and society as a whole. We are told of the static nature of ‘Truth’; we are told reality is found within the pages of academia; we are constantly told how we are wrong; we are forced to conform to the insanity of doublethink and news-speak. The importance of the individual is minimized, while the collective is elevated to divinity. Philosophy — the art of How to Think has been forgotten, buried with no headstone; topped with media and merchandise.

The power of individual perception has been lost by the masses. We have forgotten about the physical power of human belief.

Consider the work of Dr. Marasu Emoto’s water experiments in-which words were written on samples of water, then frozen. When frozen samples were examined, the crystalline configurations cannot be explained  without acknowledging the perceiver’s deep-structure mind and electrical magnetic forces. Observation means interaction with the external world — we affect the world around us; our feelings, our experiences, our creations. To believe that the electrical nature of the human has no effect on the electrical nature of reality is quite unbelievable.

Why discount human potential before fully exploring what the mind is capable of?