Metaphor #3: Re-Framing Fear


As she stood before the house; a vague familiarity swept through her very soul. Her mind had taken her here many times before and here she stood once again. The terrible things inside; the unnameable, the shadows, the fear.

[And you need to learn to look at things that are unpleasant — with out fear, with a willingness to understand, and with a willingness to learn how well you can adjust.]

Without realization, her inner duality became conscious of itself. She was compelled to enter, something she could not fight, as it was already decided, already written, already part of the story to which she was only an actor.

[It’s nice that you did have a feeling of fear, because you need to know all the things that you have.]

As she walked in, her seat awaited — she was expected.

[And if you can look at fear in relationship to me… and there was no reason to be afraid of me… but you did have a sense of fear.]

She sat. This time she knew (somehow) what this place was, and she knew of the other place.

[You can meet friends in your dreams, you can hear them talk and you can talk to them, you can drive a car, take an airplane ride, hike in the woods.]

She closed her eyes and lost herself in the light of her mind.

[But all the time this is going on, you’re still lying in bed.]

As she sat there in the light, she felt It sit next to her, one of the terrible things; the unnameable, the shadow, the fear.

[You’re not moving, not talking.]

It spoke to her. She kept her eyes closed and listened.

[Your unconscious has stored away many stores and many understandings, and your dreams are dreams in which you review your experiences…]

They came in droves. She could feel them brush against her body, she could hear their whispers. She kept her eyes closed, feeling and listening.

[Anything that happens to you can come forth as a dream, and you never have to be worried about it.]

She began to enjoy the conversation and the sensations. She wanted more… When It asked her to open her eyes she declined.

“I feel both you and the other world, the world where I am real.”