Introduction into Technological Servitude

The telescreen received and transmitted simultaneously. Any sound that Winston made, above the level or a whisper, would be picked up by it; moreover, so long as he remained within the field of vision which the metal plaque commanded, he could be seen as well as heard. There was of course no way of knowing whether you were being watched at any given moment. How often, or on what system, the Thought Police plugged in on any individual wire was guesswork. It was even conceivable that they watched everybody all the time. You had to live … in the assumption that every sound you made was overheard, and, … every movement scrutinized.”

~1948, Eric Blair (George Orwell), 1984


This is the first of a multi-part series in which we break down the implications of technology based geospatial intelligence, beginning with analysis on pending Google patents and how these technologies provide a framework for Orwell’s grim negative-utopia, 1984. We will take a deep dive into the current and future states of intelligent machine technology such as the merger between artificial intelligence and quantum computing capabilities, SMART technologies, the coming Internet of Things: A multitude of virtually connected devices, utilities, and people, networked to cloud-based computing systems who distribute control. As we analyze patents, business strategies, research journals, and historical writings, a grand program comes into view: a hierarchy of intelligent machines and Quantum Computing forecasting designed for global control over human consciousness. Our introduction begins with a brief synopsis of one of many organizations actively piecing together a control grid of technology through strategic acquisitions and innovations in deceptive service offerings.

Filed on December 17, 2014, Google seeks a patent on Smart-Home interface systems (US Patent Application 20150371422), which primarily functions as a control mechanism over entire Smart-Home networks and works in conjunction with SMART grid technology. Utilizing intelligent algorithms to calculate “progress towards one or more control goals in order to achieve control that satisfies potentially conflicting goals,” the control-hub is designed to achieve a “balance” between occupant needs and government policy, You may ask yourself, what constitutes a conflicting goal? – YOU are the conflicting goal! Google blatantly points out that “smart [technologies] enable two-way communication between the [device] and the utility company…,” meaning that your needs are always secondary and authorities enforce conformity. Google divulges their continuous monitoring and intelligence gathering schemes to record deviations between users habits and usage allowances; daily habits logged while external environmental directives dictate permitted usage.

The implication of mass geospatial intelligence, the gathering of human data points at the micro-level, combined with quantum artificial intelligence capabilities will lead to staggering precision with respect to forecasting and steering the future. Bureaucracies seek to hold direct control over a persons day-to-day activities with continuous real-time monitoring, fines, criminal penalties, and financial distinctiveness designed to create a chilling effect – a planetary system for behavior modification.

Overcoming the problem of rural locations, US Patent Application 20150371422 details the use of information transmission using data-over-power where modern network infrastructure is unavailable. Data-over-power enables broadband communication over power lines. The patent also refers to a conglomerate of SMART systems detecting signals sent by “sensors embedded within the controlled entity.” The artfully vague terms in this section are intentionally left generic hinting at the grand scope of what entities may embody future technology systems. Consider the phrase “controlled entity” along side emerging wearable technologies. Not only does wearable technology act as a tracking sensor within the smart-home, also records user vitals such as heart-rate, breath, and pulse. The patent touts knowing when home occupants are sleeping and when they are away. Think, just how will the system make this determination?

Other integrating smart devices mentioned in patents such as US Patent Application 20150109104: wall-plugs, lighting, security systems, and intercom systems (all of which host mechanisms for continuous video and audio data recording from every corner of the home — Google Patent Figure 1). Keep in mind that smart wall-plugs log every action on every device used; smart intercoms log every word spoken (Full scope explained by CIA Chief Petraeus), and smart lighting systems directly interface with the human domain through the utilization of data-over-light, a method of utilizing oscillating electromagnetic pulses to transmit information in a covertly. (Terabit Free-space Data Transmission)

Data collection includes “information obtained through the Internet, various remote information sources, and even remote sensor, audio, and video feeds…”, meaning every action, including duration and time of day will be logged and transmitted for inspection (Google Patent Figure 2 – Data Sharing); the population studied like lab rats by the next generation of technological elite; the global brain achieving god-like omnipresence. Time interval and real time consumption statistics will form a multitude of personal data-points, from what happens your bathroom, to what happens you bedroom. All of your most personal moments handed over “in part or in whole, to various remote systems and organizations, including charities, governments, academic institutions, businesses, and utilities”

In addition to compliance metrics, data will be used for predatory advertising geared to exploit the private moments of every participant, witting or not:

external entities may collect, process, and expose information collected by smart-home devices within a smart-home environment, may process the information to produce various types of derived results which may be communicated to, and shared with, other remote entities, and may participate in monitoring and control of smart-home devices within the smart-home environment as well as monitoring and control of the smart-home environment.”

The selling point: safety, conservation tax credits, home-owners insurance discounts, and geek culture (the StarTrek generation). Perhaps as an appeal to science fiction fans or a result of predictive programming, Google’s SMART thermostat interface eerily resembles HAL 9000 from Arthur C. Clark’s Space Odyssey, equipped with an all-seeing eye covered by smoked or mirrored glass. –As to not disturb home occupants; logging every move, studying breath patterns, identifying habits, flagging fluctuations in heart-rate, controlling everything in the home down to the windows and doors…

Open the front door HAL!”

(soft, non-threatening voice) “I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that.”


As each day passes Google silently constructs a Legion [for we are many] of data points known as the Internet of Things managed by the awesome power of Quantum AI, intelligent machines whose sole purpose is control; control over entire networks of smart-homes right down to the wall socket; control over humanity; control over individual behavior. These systems receive and transmit simultaneously via smart-metering systems logging “information obtained through the Internet, various remote information sources, and even remote sensor, audio, and video feeds…”. Taking a deeper dive into technologies making up the Machine, we introduce our quest to understand how each component ties into a grand program: a psychocivilized society and total physical control of mind and reality.

Filed on August 6, 2010, Google seeks a patent on a speech recognition system (US Patent Application 20130091071) designed for real-time auditory monitoring of the population. In classic Google fashion, consumers are lured in by gadgetry and flashing lights. According to Google’s own words, they plan to get their eyes and ears into your home, car, and office by marketing voice capable computing as convenient and safe, touting smart-interface integration and social networking capabilities. Google effectively changes the paradigm of voice activated devices by taking end-user control out of the equation, handing it over to computer overlords. This technology doesn’t actually solve any problems unless users are truly inconvenienced by having to press an ‘ON’ button (or some other physical queue) to initiate voice input mode. The patent makes a patronizing statement, actually referring to using an “ON” button as “formalities”– after-all, we cannot be inconvenienced by such decisions.

While the user’s visibility is limited to the smart device interface, on the back-end exists an invisible network of intelligent computing systems with decision making power at work. Intelligence gathering servers labeled ‘Context Units’ track the environment surrounding the phone employing “satellite-based positioning techniques, base station transmitting antenna identification, multiple base station triangulation, Internet access point IP location determinations, inferential identification of a user’s position based on search engine queries, and user-supplied identification of location”. Interestingly enough, Google servers interact with neighboring devices, activating microphones as you near proximity. For example, smart-intercom systems within your home initiate as you arrive home from work, hidden microphones in smart-streetlights or in retail stores activate as you walk by. Combined with data harvesting, decision making intelligent machines calculate [threat] scores and weights based on physical motion, personal data, background noise, camera images, social network activity, emails, telephone meta-data, calendar information, and text messages, to determine whether microphones are enabled, listening in when “monitoring for voice input [is] convenient for the mobile computing device.” The system is also comes equipped with a handy-dandy User Behavior Data Repository, logging all selections including user requests to disable monitoring and what the user is doing when the device was prompted to disable microphones. 

Peppered throughout the patent language, Google claims it will offer users the option to disable voice monitoring, but a recent Google Chromium snafu suggests otherwise. Google carefully packaged malware embedded in Chromium code that captured and transmitted voice data back to the conglomerate, without user knowledge or providing an option to disable and causing an uproar in Linux and Unix communities. Bottom line, computers will determine “whether to switch to the second mode of operation, and activating the microphones and the speech analysis subsystem is performed without direction from a user.

Smart-home wardens, wiretapping under the guise of convenience, the end of privacy, this is just the beginning – welcome to the machine.

As we shift our journey from the intricacies of Mind and human consciousness, we end our introduction into technology with an excerpt from Jose Delgado’s 1969 publication in World Perspectives volume 41 titled Physical Control of the Mind; Toward a Psychocivilized Society:

“Civilized man has surrounded himself with a multitude of instruments which magnify his senses, skills, strengths, and the speed with which he can travel, without realizing, perhaps that in his drive to be free from natural elements, he was creating a new kind of servitude dominated by levers, engines, currency, and computers.

Because of the magnitude of our material and intellectual powers, the directive resolutions made by elite groups may be decisive for the development of scientific and economic fields of endeavor, for the evolution of civilization in general, and for the very existence of man.

The “balance of terror” existing in the present world reflects the discrepancy between the awesome technology and the underdeveloped wisdom of man.

While our mental faculties are incomparably superior to those early land animals, we still lack adequate self-knowledge and control, and natural history teaches that when under developed brains are in charge of great power, the result is extinction.

The danger that the entire culture may become technological is obvious, and the divorce of mind from life which is taking place catastrophically everywhere in the modern world has evoked strong intellectual reactions and is one of the central themes of extential philosophy.”