An Open Letter to the Human Mind

“In cybernetics there’s a law called the Law of Requisite Variety. It says that in any system of human beings … the widest range of variability (choice) will be the controlling element.”

~Richard Bandler and John Grinder

If a person is constrained such that they have only one choice for behavior, one reaction to stimuli, that is the definition of a robot: programed by functions, operating on a single string with a single output. Most people operate on one choice with no critical awareness of the vast infinity before them. There are innumerable choices — we must not merely  react; we must not continue on this way just going through the motions.

The world-at-large is only a map created by mind, it is not the territory; we are not a program, we are special, we are programmers. The past, present, and future appear obdurate but are mailable by human drive and creativity. People must open up awareness to the sea of information surrounding us all — awareness offers choices. One choice is a robot, two choices a false dichotomy, anything more… that is where creative beings live. Why aren’t we there yet? What wizardry has blanked our perception? Some of us only see and blame. Some of us only feel and placate. Some of us only hear, mostly their own inner dialogue. A few operate on electromagnetic levels indescribable by generalities of language.

The Good and Evil Angels 1795-?c. 1805 William Blake 1757-1827 Presented by W. Graham Robertson 1939
The Good and Evil Angels: William Blake

Are we regressing or accelerating as a species?

It is true, the past, present, and future are obdurate. If humans try to do great things, the universe will push-back, but if you persist resistance will subside. This place is not what people think it is–we control it. Will we continue going through the motions of day-to-day or choose to strive for human excellence and build! — Create something for gods sake!

We need powerful people in this world, but not the false power of limitations and constraint. We need real power of liberation and creativity. Motivation, the only thing that will save us from the slavery of the technologically mundane.