Experiment #1 Results: Mapping Consciousness of Subject ‘B’

This subject’s conscious awareness is kinesthetic with an auditory and visual Lead Systems. The subject queries personal history and information using primarily constructed auditory and visual systems, indicating a dissociation between the present-self and remembered-self. This is evident by momentary eye queues at upper left and/or gestures, using spoken word only to add context. Since both visual and auditory systems lead to the subject kinesthetic channel, the communicator must take care to ensure body language and tone of voice are congruent with the message communicated. For example, if one were to say “Hi! How are you?” in a low downward tone while slumping shoulders, the subject will likely respond to body language and tone and ignore the verbal greeting.

The subject ‘s Strategy, entire sequence of accessing information = Visual / Auditory → Kinesthetic → Kinesthetic


At times, the subject experiences strong polarity responses if incongruence is detected between the communicator’s statement and body language or tone of voice. While polarity responses, an opposing response, can be incorporated into any message, the subject’s behavior is more easily controlled by maintaining congruence between all output channels. Rapport may be gained first by using kinesthetic predicates while talking. Overlapping representational systems using hypnotic metaphor is extremely effective in this case, first describing an experience with feeling and touch, then slowly opening up other information channels by bringing auditory and visual information into the subjects awareness. The act of using metaphor captivates the conscious mind, leaving a direct line of communication with the subconscious mind. Once a line of communication is open with the subconscious mind, many communication strategies are available. The line of communication can be anchored with a look over the shoulder or tone of voice, signaling to a subconscious part that a particular message is intended only for it.