Experiment #1 Results: Consciousness Model of Subject ‘A’

Experiment 1: Subject ‘A’ Results

When recalling experience, the subject follows a standard “generic right-handed person” model. As the subject remembers experiences, the eyes shift from upper-right to lower-left, indicating visualization followed by a powerful kinesthetic experience, which was apparent by the subjects rapid eye blinking, facial expressions, and body language. When people look up, they make pictures internally. The subject literally sees a picture in their head, then experiences the picture physically. This means that the subject’s Lead System, the system used for information requests, is visual, while their Representational System, what portion of experience is brought into awareness, is kinesthetic. The subject also periodically look to their right, recalling audio information to confirm whether their recollection of the experience is ‘true’, indicating an audio Reference System.

The subject ‘s Strategy, entire sequence of accessing information = Visual → Kinesthetic → Audio


This subject has powerful control over how their reality and future manifests with the ability to make visual pictures of what they want to happen, then telling themselves auditory what they want to happen – a common pattern for highly achieved individuals. When communicating with the conscious mind of this subject, non-verbal language such as body language, hand gestures, and facial expressions are the primary communication channel. To lead and control the subjects behavior, change must be applied to the unconscious parts and processes within the individual, in this case auditory and visual systems. To gain rapport with this individual one could Direct Pacing or Mirroring non-verbal patterns such as breathing, hand and facial gestures, or eye blinks and matching verbal speech patterns by leading with visual predicates and focusing on kinesthetic descriptors. Audio tones would be most useful when Anchoring, programming a covert stimulus response — A specific tone of voice could be used to Trigger unconscious recollection of an experience to induce desired behavior patterns.