Controlling the Eyes of the Oracle

A future outcome is not fixed and can be controlled simply by reducing [perception of] choice — collapsing wave functions — to a [near] single possible sequence of events. At any given moment HIS (Human Interface System) stands before a vast infinity of possibility and any outcome may be achieved by a specific sequence of events; the only constraint, time. Said another way, HIS may carry out a sequence of events to achieve any specific outcome, given sufficient time. If the sequence is known and adhered to, individual points of experience steer the manifestation of tomorrow as we all do each day — deliberately and at the subconscious level. The level of effort required to bring about a specific outcome varies from individual to individual, but a path exists. Given what is known about group behaviour, an algorithm can be identified for any outcome, predicted with alarming accuracy, given enough data points on the group and environment.


The Future illustrated as a function of Now:

f(Nc) —–> (Nf)

…meaning the function “f” associates the “current now-state” with “future now-state”, in which the function “f” is some action. Some action, “f”, applied to specific current now-state causes change and results in a specific future now-state, hence given enough data points the sequence of events are required to steer the future may be determined.

~I met a wizard in the night, in his palm a thousand lights~