Metaphor #1: Perception of Heaven and Hell


Heaven and hell are not places we are transported after death, but rather experience possibilities existing within range of oscillating light. When vibrations are low, wavelengths broaden and experience is more stable and closer to the stillness of the vast infinity outside of light and time; conscious-mind hyperfocused on a centered range of perception, valuable emotional states, and benevolent motivations.

Imagine a guitar string, unplucked, still, silent; the string representing light and a single point of experience; the space surrounding the string in all directions, dark-matter — just as audio is produced by the vibrations of matter, electromagnetism (change) is produced by the vibration (movement) of dark-matter (void of infinity/stillness). When the guitar string vibrates, producing deep rich tones with little deviation from the center, a hyper-focused experience¬† manifests with tightly rooted connections to the source. In this range lives the artist; builds the creator; a glimmer of oneness; a hint of timelessness.

When the string vibrates uncontrolled with great deviation from the center, increasing the rate of erratic information, experience is scattered; perception becomes unfocused and literally flattens as the string grows tighter. — Like travelling down an interstate, looking out of the quickly moving car, trying to focusing on a single point three feet from the window, the picture blurs and inhibits any meaningful experience, emotional states or motivations. This is the world of agitation, terror, irrational experiences; the land of the outlier, the sociopath, the narcissist; travelling so far from the source that connectivity strains like a rubber band about to give way .

Does a force exist that could sever our connection to the source, propelling the soul away to places unfathomable by the mind?