Perception vs. Infinity

The Human Interface System (HIS) enables deep structure mind to experience, to receive and process information: vibration, harmonics, energetic symphonies. Behind the veil of experience: suchness, stillness, timelessness, and infinity. Where there is stillness, a grand knowing exists; a familiarity of all that was; all that is; all that ever will be. Time cannot exist here. 


Before our eyes, the world at large, a world of information. The natural state of the world is fuzzy, a world of all possibility. At any given point in time, our field of experience stands before a vast infinity. The moment information enters within range of the Human Interface System (HIS), the information is analyzed and interpreted, altering our perceptions. When information is decoded by the HIS, the range of possibility becomes quasi-finite, but never fully defined. Perception is not equal to the moment experienced. Perceptions are molded by the past and each HIS is governed by a unique but dynamic set of rules for interpreting experience.