Human Entanglement

While our experience in this world enables us to achieve a state of unique individuality, we long for the inherent connectedness of the Other World, the timeless, vast infinity beneath our Human Interface System (HIS) veil.

Two individuals embrace, sending electromagnetic signals through nervous system pathways, but no-matter the strength or intensity of the embrace, the individual universes of experience cannot merge and neither can ever be sure that the shared experience is perceived in the same way.

Two individuals converse, communicating each others interpretation of the world and emotional states, but they can never fully realize each other experiences or motives for behavior. Deep structure mind is hidden from all but the source. Communication offers the individual a glimpse… a glimmer of truth.


Individuality causes the mind to long for a conscious connection, something attainable while embodying HIS. Secondary energetic communication channels enable brief meaningful states of entanglement between personal universes, but due to the nature of this world, individuality remains constant. Out of this longing for conscious connection births into existence the illusory, pseudo individual — Group Mind.