Technological Advancements of Human Behavior Engineering

We are currently conducting interviews with leading experts in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing, Internet of Things, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Propaganda. As research progresses, elaboration of our findings will be published leading to a final report.

As you read you may recall a fascinating experience you wish to sharecontact us.

And if you have not examined our research into the Sciences of the Mind, we would be honored for you to begin with a topic of interest… and sense where your mind takes you:

Background Information: Mind at Large

Deep-Structure Mind

Perception vs. Infinity

Human Entanglement

The Book of the Way and of How it Manifests Itself in the World

Metaphor #1: Perception of Heaven and Hell

Controlling the Eyes of the Oracle

Ministry of Love on Consciousness

Experiment #1: Enhancing Perception and Control

Metaphor #2: What if…?

The Hollow Men V5

Experiment #1 Results: Consciousness Model of Subject ‘A’

Experiment #1 Results: Mapping Consciousness of Subject ‘B’

Duelling Hemispheres of the Brain

The Problem of Free Will

An Open Letter to the Human Mind

Reducing Power of Language

Questioning Creation of Consciousness

Introduction into Technological Servitude

Embrace Failure, Question Success

Illusion of Group Mind

Normality of Thoughtless Minds

The Controller — Perfection in Society

Metaphor #3: Re-Framing Fear

Ministry of Love on Power

Modeling Human Consciousness for Reprogramming

Covert Public Surveillance — Chicago Array of Things (AoT)

Metaphor #4: The Storyteller

Metaphor #5: Outliers and Reality Stacking

VIDEO: Sherrie on Subjectivity and Mind Sciences

Fleeting Thought on the Obdurate World at Large

The Unnecessary Indulgence of Trans-Humanism

Metaphor #6: A Dream Letter to Axe and Stone

Metaphor #7: Wizard in a Purple Glass

Metaphor #8: Know no Desire

Have you a Thought?

Simple Induction

Metaphor #9: No know Desire

Metaphor #10: Lust and Night Terrors

Wave Biology and the Communication of Life

Quantum Computing and the Ghost of Bertrand Russell

Metaphor #11: A Perfect Circle

Metaphor #12: Psychic Unicorns

Metaphor #13: Lucid Dreaming

Th4 Dark Tower Falls